Krause pants have already become legendary for us as they manage to remain in the ranks of bestsellers from the very first day of sales and this is more than a year! We decided to tell you guys why our customers love Krauses so much and what they can be worn with. Be ready for some dope outfits and let’s get started.

It's Classy, Not Classic

Classic style? Only in case it’s street fashion, street style classics. Despite the apparent simplicity and monotony in the components: pants, shirt, sneakers, here are still options for diversity. Complementing the outfit with a denim jacket or bologna raincoat, you will get a great autumn look. Make it simple, but classy.

Total Black look

Total black is a lifestyle. Simplicity, elegance and following the eternal fashion – with this wardrobe you will always be in trend. Black is good for the classics and for everyday use and for... Yes, for everything, there is no case or place where you would not be good in black.
3 steps to look perfect in black by Special Hype team.
  1. Grab our favorite Krause pants
  2. Add Chemical Sweatshirt in black
  3. Put on black Spiral Sneakers.

Great! Your perfect total black look is ready. 

SSS: Stylish & Street & Special

The coziest and multipurpose outfit with Krauses for everyday needs. Day at school? Roof party? Going on a trip? Krause pants + Long sleeve Godzilla is a fire couple! And don't forget Thunderbolt bag!


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